What can our partners do for you?

RNF – Android/iOs App & Beam Commerce Platform

Drive up sales with a “best in class ordering app”.  RNF, the B2B experts, drive up loyalty and sales with the Beam Commerce Platform.  A premium service providing digital customer ordering, customer engagement and in-app advertising.

Erudus – The Food Industry’s Collaborative Solution to Sharing Product Data

Over 2,700 food manufacturers share their product specification data using the Erudus Data Pool, saving time, effort and money associated with communicating product specifications to the wider industry.  A uniformed data set covering over 200 individual product attributes from barcode and allergens to microbiological standards and nutrition – everything you need to know about a product.

EVO Card Payments UK

The most customer-focused & innovative card processors in the payment industry today.   Partnered with Sharp-aX to deliver a one stop shop for all your POS and payments needs.  Best of all  no hidden fees, including PCI fees.  All major card brands

Blue Alligator – SalesPresenter™ The world-leading sales catalogue/order-taking app for the Apple iPad, iPhone/iPod touch.  Sales rep app for thousands of businesses worldwide No longer a need to write with pen/paper with the beautifully presented digital catalogues.  Save time and increase productivity

Doofinder – An effective Onsite Search Application

Gain full control of the search functionality on your site and helping you to understand your customer’s search behaviour.  Also help improve your user’s experience by enabling them to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Channel Advisor – Manufacturers’ Guide to Market Place Selling

Marketing – Engage with consumers across the entire buyer’s journey.

Selling – Streamline sales across 100+ channels in one central platform.

Fulfilling – Get the tools you need to compete in the era of same-day delivery.

Sharp-aX – A Microsoft Silver Partner

For small and midmarket cloud solutions competency, we can offer Office 365, Azure Hosting and much more to help modernise your business IT.

Blue Star, Exertis & BIST – Our Hardware partners

Sharp-aX partnered with the highest quality manufacturers to source the best and highest quality Servers & PCs, Point of Sale devices and printers from top manufacturers such as Fujitisu, HP, Star, Zebra and many more

Sales-I – Simple, effective sales analytics software 

Sell smart, Sales-i simplifies data analysis to give you pin-pointed accuracy to improve your sales performance. For Buyers, they also offer “Purchase-I”, an at your fingertips access to data to make the right purchasing decisions.

Back Up Vault – 24/7 off site data backup

Powered by Attix5 software and using the latest multi-layered encryption methods, BackupVault automatically protects critical business data across two secure UK data centers providing peace of mind and rock solid reliability with GDPR compliancy

CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility

Join us to help “save the world” Recycling everything possible Encourage

Cycling to work, car sharing, help the local community and clear the canal ways.

Hospice of St Francis– 40th Anniversary

This year marks the 40th anniversary of The Hospice of St Francis

Thank you for your ongoing support which has enabled local people and their families to live their precious lives

Posted: 28th June 2019

Posted in: General News

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