ERP Software from Sharp-aX

ERP Software from Sharp-aX

The Sharp-aX ERP integrated distribution software has all the functionality your business needs for accounting, order processing and stock management.

Sophisticated modules, apps and workflows ensure that our customers stay ahead of their competition. Clear, comprehensive reporting will help monitor business performance at a glance and may be customised to meet your exact requirements.

Information is readily stored in the system for access by all, new staff will become helpful more quickly and customer service will always be of the highest standard.

Our software is constantly updated by inhouse software developers and a quality control/testing team to ensure that our four annual releases are installed seamlessly and with no disruption to trade.

ERP Software Features

Find out what Sharp-aX ERP software can do for you. Read about our core functionality and additional modules:

  • Order processing
  • Stock management
  • Accounts management
  • Reporting and customisations
  • Additional modules
ERP Software Features
Order Processing

Order Processing

The order processing functionality within our ERP software includes:

  • Credit Limit enforcement
  • Quotations/Requisitions
  • Quick entry at trade counter or till via barcodes and shopping lists
  • Related and alternative products to allow upselling or replacements for out of stock items & ability to place back orders
  • Full organisational purchase history
  • Full sales and buying history for a stock item
  • Flexible pricing including double discounting, discounting rules, quantity breaks and margin tied prices all on a per customer/supplier basis
  • Support for gift voucher schemes to encourage repeat business
  • Contract supported pricing

Stock Management

Stock Management in the Sharp-aX ERP software can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be.

  • Handles huge inventory lists of products: some clients are using over 250,000 unique SKUs
  • Supports a full range of categorisation for ease of discounting
  • Stock grades to simplify reordering
  • Ranges enable you to advise clients of compatible items or ones designed to share a common theme. You can define a range of pack sizes that all share a common stock level.
  • Full support for a complete location/warehouse/site setup, so your warehouse team can be told exactly where to go for each and every order
  • Support for multiple images per stock item, including photographs of the product to aid accurate picking.
  • Raise stock transfers
Stock Management
Accounts Management

Accounts Management

One of the core functions of our ERP software is to manage your accounts information in a linked environment.

By putting Sharp-aX ERP software at the core of the business, you can reduce errors and streamline your accounting processes.

The full suite of accounting reports and options includes:

  • Debtors/Creditors control
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Prepayments and accruals
  • Cost Centre
  • Multi-layered Nominal Groups

These allow you to continue using your existing accounting structure – critical for allowing like-for-like reporting.

Reporting and Customisations

Sharp-aX ERP software excels at analysing information and displaying it in clear reports that are easy to understand and simple to share. We support a full range of reporting options including:

  • Charts
  • Pivot Tables
  • KPIs
  • Standard printable reports.
  • Custom reporting screens to suit your needs.

Virtually every screen within the Sharp-aX software can be customised and laid out to best suit the information required for someone’s particular job role. It’s so easy to do, even users who aren’t confident using computers are happy to make changes to their screen layouts.

Reporting and Customisations
ERP Software Reporting Functionality

ERP Software Reporting Functionality

  • Full data import and export, both for data maintenance, and to allow users to share particular information summaries directly from the software. For example if your customer wants a complete buying history for the last 12 months, with a few clicks you can send them an Excel spreadsheet detailing this.
  • Configure and include new fields and tables within the system whilst you’re continuing to trade without any adverse impact to users. This is a unique feature, unavailable elsewhere, which represents a huge time saver for business as you no longer have to wait till the close of business before updating the system.
  • “On the fly” calculations
  • Appearance rules

Additional Modules
Sharp-aX core ERP functionality is powerful, but with bespoke ERP development, you can customise your system further with additional modules.

Find out more about our additional ERP software modules

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