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From Industry News to new features and releases, read about how we are constantly improving the Sharp-aX ERP Software to stay up-to-date.

Read about out integrations with more 3rd party providers, such as Amazon, ebay, DPD, Shopify, HMRC & MTD.

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Using Sharp-aX ERP Software

From implementation to go-live, you and your staff will be given training to ensure you are all are confident using the system from day one.

Training is provided in a phased structure, whereby you will be shown parts of the system and then given time to become familiar with it prior to the next session.

Training will be provided onsite for multiple sessions, but can also be provided remotely using a screen-share app if required,

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Watch the Software in action with our Videos on using the Sharp-aX ERP Software, including integration with the web.

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Using Sharp-aX ERP Software
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