Shopify Sharp-aX integration

Despite Covid & Brexit the economy is lifting and UK online sales are set to reach £106 billion in 2020.

By now, we all know that  – if we not selling online our competitors most certainly are!

From our last mail, we listed our selected partners to help you cut costs from VOIP telephone systems (no BT lines required), low cost PDQ machines.

LEP Growth Hub grants across the UK may be available for new purchases such as a new fully integrated website or improving your existing website, training, hardware etc.

And now – It’s Shopify

To ensure that our customers continue to stay ahead of their competition – we have launched another new sales tool – Shopify

What will Shopify do for you?

Stock Import

Import the products you sell straight to your Shopify website from Sharp-aX.

Keep your stock quantity and stock information live and up to date

Orders and Customers Export:

Automatically export orders placed on your Shopify website into Sharp-aX including customer data

Order status

Automatically update order status on Shopify when orders are shipped via Sharp-aX.

Shopify is the most versatile retail POS for unifying in-store and online sales.

Seamless checkouts – Make the sale every time – from online to checkout line

Browse in store, buy on line

Remind customers of their in-store favourites with “abandoned carts” email

Buy online, pick up in store

Bring online customers in store and upsell at pick up

Buy in store, ship to customer

Never lose a sale even when in-store inventory is limited

Please call any time – we are always delighted to hear from our customers

Posted: 23rd October 2020

Posted in: General News

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