Sharp-Ax releases Version 1.9.1313.208

Version 1.9.1313.208
Sharp-aX Limited releases regular updates to its software. Version 1.9.1313.208 includes the following functionality and enhancements:

  • Delivery Routing (a new module)

A new module with an application for android mobile devices is introduced to plan efficient weight controlled routes for deliveries

  • Chain Discounts

A series of discounts can now be applied to the price of the products in Sharp-aX

  • Purchase Standing Orders

Purchase Standing Orders allow automated entry of purchase order for recurring goods or services

  • Calls from Sharp-aX

Make a telephone call by clicking on the phone/mobile field in Sharp-aX

  • Save Price or Discount at Delivery Note Approval Time

Price and Discount can be saved on the Delivery Note Approval screen as well as on the sales order entry screen

  • Default Credit Reason

Set up a default option for credit reason to be automatically pre-selected on returns

(Enter your most common reason as the default)

  • Write-Off Reason

Set up a default Write-Off Reason (optional or mandatory)

(Enter your most common reason for write-offs)

  • Clearing Quantity Delivered on Order Entry

Clear Quantity Delivered with a click of the button for all items in Order Entry

  • System user on stock operations

The Sharp-aX user is now recorded on all stock transactions like movements, adjustments, transfers, goods in and goods out

  • Form/Report email preview options

Set email preview options : ‘Never preview or prompt’ preview on all forms and reports

  • Related Suppliers

Related suppliers are now pre-filtered when goods are back ordered

  • Calculated fields on ‘Create Purchase Orders’

Create calculated fields on the ‘Create Purchase Orders’ screen

    • Print/Email dialog on Receive Items

Print/Email dialog on ‘Receive Items’

Posted: 12th May 2017

Posted in: Sharp-aX

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