Sharp-aX recommends BackupVault – the automatic way to back up your data

backupvaultSharp-aX Managing Director Jean Freeman commented: “In light of the recent Ransomware attacks, it is even more important to protect your data. BackupVault is a modern, easy to use system that doesn’t rely on you remembering to back up your data.”

BackupVault is a UK based automatic and affordable backup service. There are no setup costs or hardware to buy. The service is scalable should storage requirements increase.

You can use the service to protect your Sharp-aX data as well as office documents, databases, emails, which means that you will sleep better at night.

All of the data is encrypted using AES encryption with a key known only to you. Username and password authentication within BackupVault’s storage platform is secured via SSL encryption.

The service is completely automatic and requires no customer intervention. For Sharp-aX customers there is the additional satisfaction of knowing that it is is monitored and supported by Sharp-aX Limited on a daily basis.

Jean Freeman concluded: “BackupVault offers a free trial so that you can see how good it is with zero risk. To a large extent, your data is your company. Why take the risk of not having automatic backup?”
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Posted: 19th May 2017

Posted in: Blog

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