Sharp-aX Pricing Structure

Sharp-aX Pricing


The Sharp-aX Pricing Structure

The Sharp-aX Pricing Structure is comprehensive, flexible, easy to use and is designed to meet individual company, product range and customer requirements.

Flexible Pricing Structure – you choose!

Price your goods by fixed price, with varying discounts, mark up or margin percentage as well as using quantity breaks, split pack pricing, chain discounting and settlement discounts.


Stock Item A is purchased from Supplier X and belongs to Category 1.

For Customer AA, they buy all items in Category 1 at 25% off the RRP.

For Customer BB, they buy all the items in Category 1 at a 50% Mark up.

When the RRP is increased by supplier X, you will increase 1 figure in the system and the prices for both Customer AA and BB will automatically reflect this:

For customer AA – An immediate price increase.

For customer BB – The price increases once you receive your next delivery of stock as their price is linked to the purchase price.

If you also wish to offer a special time limited price on Stock Item A to all customers, you can set this up with a single entry in the pricing system, complete with start and end dates, and this will override their usual prices.

Be Smart

Avoid price discrepancies on your sales orders.

Import price lists from Excel or save customer and supplier specific prices when entering orders and quotes.

Add start and end dates to your promotional prices.

Benefit from Contract Pricing feature.

Check the price history of the item sold to the particular customer.

CIS – Construction Industry Scheme

Automatically calculates CIS tax requirements for CIS deductible items.

Sharp-aX Managing Director Jean Freeman commented: “At Sharp-aX, we specialise in software for companies that trade in products, such as Plumbers Merchants, Electrical Wholesalers and Builders Merchants.  Pricing is a complex business and we have a deep understanding of how our customers work with pricing.  The Sharp-aX software can handle all of this and simplify the busy lives of our customers.”

Posted: 21st September 2017

Posted in: Blog

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