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We would like to tell you that we average 16 calls outstanding at the end of each week spread across 13 customers

Last Friday was high with 21 calls across  19 customers – 1 customer had 3 calls and the others had 1 each.

We think this was a little high because one of our team lost their voice

We have got used to seeing  these low figures but wonder what can we do better for you?

We continue to supply 3 to 4 upgrade per annum at no additional cost as well as processing your year ends and monitoring your HMRC

MTD submissions with you.

We always answer our phones quickly and politely and strive to resolve all calls at that time closing 94%

We receive many awesome thank you notes and smiley faces but wonder if you would take a few minutes to say

thank you via Trust Pilot https://www.trustpilot.com/evaluate/sharp-ax.com

Our integrated websites

We believe we are unique in having an in-house website development team working closely with the inhouse Sharp-aX software

Developers to ensure that your system runs seamlessly.  All maintenance of customers/products and pricing is set up in

Sharp-aX and auto updated to your website

Our website charges are way under market value for our Sharp-aX users and as we so often say

“If you haven’t got a website Your customers most certainly have”

and may be taking business from you because of the out of hours service gained From 24/7 websites services such as

placing orders after hours for click and collect, checking availability of stock etc.

Posted: 11th July 2019

Posted in: Blog, Customers, Sharp-aX

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