The difference between brand, positioning and differentiation

Marketing expert Nigel Temple, who has worked successfully with Sharp-aX Computer systems talks about the differences between brand, positioning and differentiation

Here at Sharp-aX, we thought it’d be useful to businesses to see where we sit on the three topics


Sharp-aX sits on the flexibility versus price matrix at a competitive intersection, with relatively low price, and a high degree of flexibility when compared to other ERP packages. There are undoubtedly cheaper solutions available, but they’ll lose the flexibility of our system. There are even more flexible systems available but then they’ll usually attract high development charges and ongoing costs.



Sharp-ax differs from our competitors as we can put you, as the business owner, firmly in control of your software. If you are interested in learning how to configure the software, we are happy to teach you tips and tricks to get the most out of your package. If you prefer to simply get to the end results, we will always work out the most cost effective answer to your problems.



Sharp-aX stands by what it says and does, we never leave a customer in the lurch and will always take the approach that we’ll fix first and work out the cause second. We stand by our software and do always work to achieve the best outcomes for our customers.

Posted: 4th April 2018

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