Coming soon – Two Sharp-aX apps

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Coming soon – Two  Sharp-aX apps :   The Mobile sales app    &   The Mobile Warehouse app

The Sharp-aX Mobile Sales app

The Sharp-aX Mobile Sales App offers two separate business uses.

Designed for use by your field sales representatives and staff alike.

Process customer orders and payments, advise new promotions and check stock levels. 

Your customers may also use the app to process orders swiftly and easily.

With a suitable device they may also scan product barcodes further simplifying order processing and reducing keying errors.

No internet is required at the time of creating the order, keyed information will be saved and submitted when the internet is next available.

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Access to Sharp-aX Data

Users may log in and out of their account or as a guest to access real time data via Sharp-aX

Price lists accessed are applicable to that customer only

Browse, search by phrase or scan barcodes of products/images


Add, amend quantities or remove items from the basket

Processing Orders

Drill into your basket and confirm your order.

Retrieve delivery addresses from your customer accounts.

Choose your payment type and complete the order.

Check previous orders and items.


Receive notifications : promotions, events or new stock lines

1 million free notifications to 500 devices may be sent to the Sales Mobile app to ensure that your customers receive your messages instantly

Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The Sharp-aX Mobile Warehouse app

A fully integrated Sharp-aX real-time mobile application designed to manage your warehouse operations with ease and simplicity.  

Check stock levels, expiry dates, batches, serials and item locations. manage quantities, move stock to another location or warehouse (site transfers)

Run Stock takes

Receive goods

View outstanding Purchase Orders and Collection Notes.

Scan and receive goods from Suppliers and accept returns from Customers.

Pick and ship goods

Pick Sales Orders, Returns to Suppliers, Scan items and generate Delivery/Goods Out Notes for outgoing stock.

Assign deliveries to the routes (Delivery Routing module)

Recommended Device

Sharp-aX recommends the Zebra TC20

A ruggedized Android-based device running Android Oreo 8.1.

The device is both drop resistant to 0.5m and sealed against dust and water to IP65 rating.

Featuring an integrated barcode scanner with an option of an extended power pack

The device is both small enough and light enough to be operated one-handed.

Capable of replacing a Sales rep mobile phone with the addition of a sim card or used via WiFi within a warehouse.

Please call us if you would like to discuss the apps above  – we will be delighted to hear from you.

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Posted: 12th September 2019

Posted in: Blog, General News

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