Brexit & Back Up

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Brexit Latest

Sadly, Brexit is uppermost in our minds if we trade in Europe – please check the website for “Brexit latest” so that you are prepared as possible.
For those of you already using our HMRC MTD module, we will re-act as soon as we have definitive instructions from the government.

If you trade any goods or services with the EU you’ll need to get ready for Brexit.

For example, you need to take action if you:
• export goods to the EU
• import goods from the EU
• transport goods by road
• export animals or animal products
• export services to the EU

Back Up Vault/Date Back Up

Most of our customers use our 24/7 off site encrypted back up.  This utility auto dials into your system late evening /early morning and takes a copy of your latest Sharp-aX data.  This data is stored and may be retrieved for disaster recovery at any time.

Be Aware
The success of your data backup is checked every morning by the management team.  In the case of failure, rare but most likely from a power failure or fluctuation.
In this case, Sharp-aX will dial into your system and activate a manual back up, ascertain and correct any malfunction and advise accordingly.

However,  equally important is that your back up is 100% successful.  To achieve this without errors, “you must log out of the Sharp-aX system before leaving for the day”.

Do call us if you have any concerns – we are always delighted to hear from our customers.

Best wishes, jean

Posted: 26th September 2019

Posted in: General News

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