5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Ecommerce Website

person shopping online using an ecommerce website

Do you sell products or services?  An online store could boost your business sales.  Here are 5 reasons why you need an ecommerce website.

What is an ecommerce website? 

An ecommerce website allows users to buy online, rather than face-to-face. Ecommerce websites are used to sell both digital and physical products and services: you can offer items for download, delivery or collection. Businesses with an ecommerce website can process orders, take payments, manage shipping and track client communications.

If you have a fully integrated ecommerce website your customers may process orders, make payments, check historic orders, download invoices and statements and track deliveries and collections. All transactions are automatically downloaded to your computer system. No rekeying!

1. An ecommerce website will expand your customer reach 

Selling online means you are no longer limited to a physical location. If you are looking to grow your business, you need an ecommerce website! Your online store will give you visibility nationally and even internationally; customers will be able to buy from you wherever they are in the world. 

Having an online presence rather than a physical location may be a much cheaper and quicker alternative for small start-up businesses. 

2. Building an ecommerce platform is a straightforward task 

With the rise of ecommerce platforms and plugins like Shopify and Woocommerce, it’s very straightforward to build an online store for your business.  If you don’t have a website option, your competitors most certainly do and will be taking your share of the market.

Here at Sharp-aX, we build fully integrated ecommerce websites using our own bespoke template but we are also able to develop websites using popular ecommerce platforms such as Magento, OpenCart, Shopify and WooCommerce.

Import your stock, pricing and imagery easily and quickly – start processing orders in no time. 

3. An ecommerce website will help build a loyal customer base 

If you are relying on sales made in person, you don’t always have the opportunity to ask customers for their email addresses, making it more difficult to contact them again. 

With an ecommerce store in place it is easy to build an email list of customers and send them news about exciting new products and services, sales and special offers. 

4. Get meaningful data and draw insights from your online store 

An online store means you can benefit from Google Analytics, a powerful tool that measures your website’s performance, identifying which products and services your visitors are interested in.  What are they buying? What have they stopped buying?

Getting insights into your site visitors will enable you to understand your audience better and learn more about their behaviour to tailor your offerings more appropriately.  

Need some help with analytics? Sharp-aX can provide interactive reports to help you understand this data to focus your marketing strategies.

5. Provide instant customer service to give visitors what they want!          

We all know how important it is to keep our customers happy.  Ecommerce websites provide a quick and convenient way for your customer base to find out about you, browse products at leisure and source instant information. In physical stores, customers may not ask for help but in the digital age, it is easy to type in a query for an instant response. 

Get started with your ecommerce store today 

Ecommerce websites are a cost-effective and powerful way of driving sales. Even if you already have a website, Sharp-aX can help you upgrade it to a fully functional, integrated ecommerce store. For help getting started, contact Sharp-aX today.  Monthly interest-free terms available for everyone.

Posted: 28th April 2022

Posted in: Blog, General News

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