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It’s here!  – The latest Sharp-aX software release with lots of new features and there is something for everyone.

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Food Industry Product Data Module:  Erudus API Integration Completed
The food industries collaborative solution to sharing product data. Retrieve latest product specifications from over 2,700 food manufacturers from a single trusted source.

Stock Level Reorder Screen:  New List functionality
Filter, search, sort, add/remove columns, see filter row and summary on the reorder list view.

Stock Level Reorder Screen:  Add/remove lines
Add and delete missing items and lines.

Stock Level Reorder Screen:  New Validation and Appearance rules
Create validation and appearance rules to identify/highlight item lines based on purchasing criteria.

Stock Level Reorder Screen:  Mass update Quantity/Supplier
Update Quantities and/or Suppliers for all lines in two clicks on a column header.

Stock Level Reorder Screen:  Refresh
Refresh lines to ensure that the latest stock figures are displayed.

Customer:  Statement Email Address
Specify an alternative Email address in the Customer record for delivering monthly sales statements.

Touch Screens
Sharp-ax is now fully developed to work on touch screen devices.

Lump Sum Discount:  By Discount Amount
Enter ‘one discount amount’ which may be distributed across all order items.

Branch orders & Account Documents:  Improved visibility
See which Orders and Account Documents are raised for and by which branch.

Sales Return Note:  Collection Note Reference
Display Collection Note References on Sales Return Notes.

Order Entry:  Appearance Rules
Create appearance rules to highlight Order lines based on a specific criterion – such as ‘out of stock’, ‘below minimum margin’.

Stock Price Changes :  Add a Time
Time can be specified along with a date for a Stock Price change.
For instance, this price is to be applicable from 1st of August at 1pm.

Nominal Accruals:  Improved functionality
Import data, select an exchange rate, a cost centre, insert a row and choose columns.

Telesales->Sales Call:  New status – No Order Taken
Date & identify a Sales Call as ‘No Order’ when the Customer did not place an order.

New global/User Option:  Show Quote Selection in Sales Order Entry
Enable/disable the option to save Sales Quotes from the Order Entry screen.

New global/User Option:  Show Order Type Selection in Sales Order Entry
Disable the Order Type choices when there is only one option available for saving orders.

HMRC: Improved MTD Submissions
An improved facility to include “unstamped” late transactions from previous VAT quarters which were not included due to late invoice arrival or date errors.

Business Intelligence: Limit on workflows
Manage your system resources effectively by limiting the number of workflows which may be processed at one time.

Sharp-aX WebAPI:  Download file
Download files from Sharp-aX via the webAPI service.

Sharp-aX WebAPI: Prices on Sales Orders
Customer pricing to be applied when no prices entered on Sales Orders via WebAPI service.

Stock Tracking:  Stock adjustment
Option to adjust serial tracked items back into stock.

Mass Update:  Linked object fields
Set up a mass update function and update related object fields.

Posted: 24th July 2019

Posted in: General News

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