Sharp-aX secures a new partnership with Smart UBL

A new innovative service whereby purchase invoices are automatically scanned, verified and made ready for payment

Smart UBL

•       Automatic processing of documents without manual input or verification from you

•       An option to choose between conversion/approvals :

“on VAT lines” (default and most common)   or    including “all invoices lines” 

•       All documents delivered directly to your Sharp-aX system

•       Digitalisation achieved by OCR, Machine Learning and some manual validations. 

•       80% of documents returned automatically within 8 hours with a maximum processing

         time of 24 hours.


No more invoices lost in the post, misfiled or sent to the wrong department in error

Instantly improved productivity & efficiency

Invoices processed automatically, more accurately and more quickly

No human input = No errors

Faster verification process = faster payment approval

Please contact us – your call will be answered by a person

Best wishes, Jean Freeman 01442 505950

Sharp-aX Computer Systems Limited

The authors of the Sharp-aX integrated accounting stock control software & website systems for trading companies.

Posted: 11th June 2020

Posted in: General News

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