Release Notes: December 2018 – Version 1.10.2214.101

HMRC MTD (Making Tax Digital) VAT Submission  (New Module)
Submit VAT returns to HMRC directly from Sharp-ax – mandatory digital returns for all companies with a turnover of £85k from 6 April 2019.

EVO Integrated PDQ Payments (New module)
All payment transactions saved and processed through Sharp-aX. Integration with EVO Payments.

Bank Payments
Process non-invoiced bank transactions such as ‘business rates’ and miscellaneous expenses.
New account document – Bank Payment.

VAT Only Transactions
VAT only invoices and credits can now be raised in Sharp-ax / Ref EU purchase VAT invoices. (Brexit development preparation)

Purchase Item History
When entering a purchase order, display the purchase item’s history for all Suppliers.

Barcode entry on Ship/Receive/Return screens
Streamline your batch operations using barcodes to confirm the items being despatched or returned.

Order Entry: bulk barcode/serial number entry
In conjunction with a barcode scanner + memory, scan all your items & then add them to Sharp-aX in one operation.

Merging Sales Return Notes
Merge multiple Sales Return Notes into one Sales Credit Note.

Credit Note from Invoice (CFI) Enhancements
Search for and select individual item lines as well as complete invoices.

Update Quantity Delivered
Pre-set quantity order lines using “Populate Quantity Delivered” on Quantity Delivered column.

Deposits: % of Order Total
Calculate the deposit required by a percentage of the total order value including delivery & VAT.

Delivery Routing Module & Azure Maps
An option to use Azure Maps instead of Google maps.

Rebates: Credit Notes
Credit Notes are now included into the rebate claim calculation.

Stock Tracking: quick Batch Entry
Create or select batch quickly via new Add Batch action for incoming/outgoing goods.

eBay: Stock Item from an eBay Item
Retrieve an existing listing from eBay to create a stock item in Sharp-ax.

eBay: picture sequence
Specify the sequence in which pictures of stock item are listed on eBay.

KIT items: pricing method on order line
See the KIT Pricing Method used on the order Line.

Signature Capture Module
An option to use any entry device: mouse or touch screen to capture signatures as well as existing signature capture devices.

Order Entry: access stock item
Drill into Stock Items by using Ctrl + Shift + click to access relevant stock information.

Stock Item Picture Updater improvements
Recognise pictures via any Stock Item information – not just the stock code.

Posted: 20th December 2018

Posted in: General News

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