Integrated accounting stock control software & website systems for trading companies      

We take pride in your successful use of our products and our warm and loyal relationships with our customers.

Sharp-aX software is designed for small to medium sized companies that buy stock and sell on goods of all kinds historically to trade customers.

Our management team has more UK based computer industry experience than any other company in this country.

With the ongoing design and development of our software package your future and competitive edge is assured.  Our development team is in house and regularly updated with customer feedback to ensure that new and old customer requirements are met.


The company is a based in R&R House, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire giving ready access to major motorways and London. We have some 5,000 square feet over three floors which we bought and modernised in 2009 in order to provide room for further expansion.


There is a sizeable car park, which is needed as there are four heavily used customer training / meeting rooms fitted with wall mounted screens for in house demonstrations, training and refresher courses.


There is also a workshop and engineering floor where our product is built and tested prior to personal delivery.

To arrange a visit call us on 01442 505950 – we are always delighted to hear from our customers