Inlico Limited


Integrated accounting stock control software & website systems for trading companies   


Tom and Dan Doneghan started the Company together in 2003 to stock and sell components to lighting manufacturers.

Early in 2015 they bought an 8 user very modern computer system from Sharp-aX Computer Systems to improve their Information Technology process and they went live in July of that year.
The benefits that they have achieved are many and include: faster sales and purchase order entry, a much closer control of stock, an accurate and quick purchase process, easily controlled multiple quantity price breaks, an easy to use kitting module, cash accounting for VAT, pivot tables and publishing services to enable powerful cloud based sales reporting.
Dan has calculated that without Sharp-aX, Inlico would need 2 more members of staff. Inlico are now making a close examination of the Sharp-aX web packages with the intention that these are fully integrated in to the sales process.
Tom has written “The more we use Sharp-aX, the more we value it.”
The more the Sharp-aX people work with Inlico the more we admire how well Tom and Dan and their team have used our product!..