What is Doofinder? 


Doofinder is an effective and easy to install OnSite Search Application.  Allowing you full control of the search functionality on your site and helping you to understand your customer’s search behaviour.

It will also help to improve your user’s experience, by helping them find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily. 

Why Install Doofinder?

  1. It ensures a significant increase in your online sales & conversion rates.
  2. It will increase the amount of time spent on your website.
  3. A decrease in the dropout rate of your site.
  4. It can be easily installed in a matter of minutes with no programming knowledge required.
  5. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial with no obligation to continue.

 Test Doofinder for yourself!

Below you will find some of our clients using our OnSite Search Application


  • Over 4,000 Checkouts per month.
  • 20.5% Conversion Rate with Doofinder.



  • Searches increased by 54.2%.
  • 39.5% Click Rate with Doofinder.



  • Searches increased by 33.6%.
  • 12% Conversion Rate with Doofinder.



  • Over 6,500 searches per month.
  • 29.7% Click Rate with Doofinder.




  • 25.6% Click Rate with Doofinder.



  • 27.5% increase in searches.
  • 71.9% Click Rate with Doofinder.


How To Start

Please contact who will be pleased to help you.