Address Validation

Auto-predict and complete addresses in real-time from a postcodeor partial address

addressAddress validation provides a full address finder facility, producing accurate addresses from a postcode or partial address using Royal Mail’s UK Postal Address File (PAF). It features two main services. PredictiveAddress uses predictive search technology to autocomplete an address. It is a cloud based data validation tool that enhances the efficiency and accuracy of address capture in lead forms, website checkouts and internal software such as CRM systems.

PostcodeLookup retrieves accurate addresses from a postcode or a partial address using Royal Mail’s UK Postcode Address File (PAF).

Address validation works in real time, allowing companies to capture correct names and addresses all day, every day.


  • Capture accurate addresses in real-time
  • Improve campaign effectiveness
  • Improve customer service
  • Easy integration onto websites, shoppingcarts and CRM systems
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Secure system with hosted data


  • Decreased cart abandonments
  • Improved communications
  • Standardised and country-specific formatted data
  • Lower costs through improved efficiency
  • Improve UX through faster customer journey byreducing capture time by 90%


How does it work?

The software uses fuzzy matching to predict and autocomplete full addresses after typing just a few characters. The
auto completion is supported by ‘type-ahead’ technology and all of this contributes to more efficient user experience.

It also goes beyond correcting common mistakes and mistyping. The enhanced capability recognises alias names
given to addresses. If a user chooses to nickname their address, for example with a name rather than a number, they
will still be provided with the correct address. The same concept applies to anyone, who has given a nickname to their
address and the fuzzy logic applies to both residential and commercial addresses.