Fasteners & Fixings


Integrated accounting stock control software & website systems for trading companies


Fasteners & Fixings wholesalers have special requirements, when it comes to software. There are many of them in this country and Sharp-aX Computer Systems is the perfect fit for all of them.

Fasteners & Fixings Wholesalers need to optimise their stock, have fast and efficient sales operations, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. They need readily accessible management information.

Sharp-aX software is tried and tested. It is installed in sites throughout the country such as Evoke Supplies in Hertfordshire, Rhondama in Loughborough, Welfix in Shrewsbury and CBH Fasteners in Redditch.


We know about you!


Most customers take time to get used to a new computer system. However, we have found that with Fasteners and Fixings companies they invariably start to benefit from the Sharp-aX system immediately.

Your requirement for different purchasing delivery dates per order, quantity breaks and multi units of measure. You need to manage multiple suppliers for the same product, but with different part numbers for each supplier. Margin watching / haggle and scheduled deliveries need to be catered for. You also need to control stock held on your customers sites, as well as having the ability to make swift purchase orders from outstanding sales orders.

In addition, an integrated website enables your customers to place orders when it is convenient for them to do so. It is also proven that fasteners and fixings customers are generating new business from their website, without affecting their regular account and cash customers.


The main features


Customer Relationship Manager with Marketing Module & Task Manager, Pricing Service, Rebates, Fully integrated websites, Key Performance Indicators, workflow rules and multiple product images in full colour plus our new Van routing and Directs (drop shipping) modules.

Store all of your knowledge into the system to ensure top class service, haggling (with margin control) and selling the product you would rather sell. This gives you the best of all worlds, better margins, improved reputation for customer service and the ability to move preferred stock.

One entry to see quotations and/or orders through to delivery note / invoice / sales ledger and  nominal posting. Where orders are specials, there is recognition at goods received time. All of this saves time, removes copying mistakes and frees your staff to work on more money making tasks.

Drill down for complete information at point of sale, but only when you need to see it. Simple screens mean ease of use for all staff. Customer level report writing plus interface to Excel.

Most of our customers start simply and use more and more facilities as their staff become familiar with the Sharp-aX software. As your business grows, use our report writing facility to  recognise the strengths and weaknesses of your business for you to take prompt action.

No more waiting for your accountants to highlight sales below cost at the end of the year.


The Sharp-aX Company


We are geographically central and have over 138 customers in England and Wales. We are an excellent size to work with – big enough to respond quickly, but you can speak to our Managing Director, if you ever need to.

Our philosophy is to have only one version of the software with four annual updates included in the annual maintenance charge, at no extra cost.

We have our own design, programming and support resources. The software is written and continually developed in Hertfordshire.

No huge customers – therefore all customers are equal.

No system archiving – history is required to compare product performance over previous months, seasons and years.


Product Design Philosophy


The Sharp-aX software runs on a Microsoft SQL based system, programmed in C# which uses .NET + DevExpress frameworks. It is easy to install and work with, flexible and lightning fast. We save your time and contribute to your profits. Most importantly, our customers have the right computer system for the next 20 years.

Fast, fully Windows based with seamless integration with Word and product imaging. Technical documents and drawings can be easily attached. Other Windows applications can co-exist on the server.

We enhance the software on a continual basis against our own development plan for new and existing customer requirements.  

If you would like further information and/or a demonstration of the system, please contact

Jean Freeman - or call 01442 505950.

By all means call us, we always enjoy talking to Fasteners & Fixings Wholesalers.